Esoterica Tobacciana Blackpool

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Promedio : 3.3
[ Votos : 3 ]
Ingredientes : Virginia
Aromas : Regaliz
Perfectly blended hot pressed dark and Golden Virginias, jet-black and shiny with natural oils. Topped with a dash of licorice extract. This thoroughly satisfying tobacco has an English pedigree with marvelous smoking characteristics.
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Esoterica Tobacciana Hastings

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Promedio : 2.8
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Ingredientes : Virginia, Cavendish Negro
Aromas : Otro sin Especificar
An aromatic tobacco made in the same time honored tradition as our English and Virginia blends. Five types of Virginia tobacco and an equal proportion of Black Virginia Cavendish with an added aromatic essence. A soft and gentle smoke of outstanding quality.
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Esoterica Tobacciana St. Ives

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Ingredientes : Virginia, Latakia, Oriental / Turco, Cavendish Negro
Aromas : Frutos Secos
A totally new concept for the smoker of fine aromatic tobacco. Dark and Golden Virginias are blended with Black Virginia Cavendish and portions of Greek, Oriental, and Cyprian Latakia tobaccos. Enhanced with a subtly scented fruit extract. An aromatic English.
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